Buy a sightseeing flight as a gift

Looking for an original gift for a special occasion? Give your loved ones a gift they will not forget for a long time!

Make dreams come true

Gifts… everyone likes to receive them! The occasions can be endless. Gift vouchers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, stag parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, First Communion, holidays, Valentine’s Day, for parents, grandparents. It’s worth giving gifts, especially such unusual ones as a scenic flight, because it’s what you experience that counts, not what you have.
When we reach into the past and try to recall the most pleasant memories, we are sure to recall those that are connected with emotions. The gifts we received in the form of another tie, bracelet or perfume are long gone. What we have left in our memories are the experiences, adventures and special moments. They are eternal.

A flight as a gift

Depending on your budget, you can choose a suitable route, purchase a voucher and give it to the person of your choice. The voucher can be printed electronically or sent by post on paper.

A voucher for a sightseeing flight by plane includes

The giftee’s name, route, flight time, expiry date, map with airport location and a phone number to book the flight date.

When booking, the giftee will be asked to provide the voucher number and take it to redeem.

kup voucher na lot widokowy Kraków

Why choose our proposal?

What childhood memories stick in your mind the most? Probably exciting experiences and special moments. Many years later, your fondest memories will be of what you were able to experience. An expedition to an inaccessible place, bungee jumping or driving on a racetrack? Or a romantic trip with a loved one? All the best memories will be relived.

Photographs fade, objects pass away, but memories are eternal. They don’t spoil, they don’t dust and they remain in our memories forever. We believe that memories are the most precious thing in life, so we are convinced that it can make the world a better place where people give themselves joy.



399 PLNper person
Buy a Gift Voucher

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249 PLNper person
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799 PLNper person
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999 PLNper person
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Methods of payment

You can purchase your voucher by paying online, or by paying in cash before your flight. For cash payment, please contact us to arrange your flight