Scenic Flights Cracow’s Surroundings2023-01-21T19:56:08+01:00

Scenic Flights Cracow’s Surroundings

Be surprised by the extraordinary views In the vicinity of Krakow, the Vistula Valley and the Niepołomice Forest.

sightseeing flights by plane over Cracow

Touch the sky

After taking off from the airport we turn South and cross the Vistula ribbon. There, in front of us, we will marvel a magnificent view of the Carpathian Mountains and Niepołomice Forest – the hunting grounds of Polish kings. Flying a little further West, we will glimpse at an impressive Renaissance castle in Niepołomice called the “second Wawel”. We will also fly near the Benedictine monastery in Staniątki, and then we will circle over the Vistula’s old riverbed.

For thrill-seekers, we also recommend the scenic flight in Krakow and the exclusive scenic flight in Zakopane.

Loty widokowe Kraków ✈︎ Loty widokowe Okolice Krakowa


“Rewelacyjny pilot, wspaniała trasa, pilot który cały czas opowiada o tym co widać za oknem oraz funduje wiele niespodziewanych atrakcji 👍 ale to musicie sami sprawdzić. Gorąco polecam ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”


249 PLNper person
Where will the take-off and landing for my sightseeing flight be?2023-01-21T17:53:19+01:00

All sightseeing flights start and end at the airport in Pobiednik Wielki near Kraków. For ease of navigation, please set your destination to our location:

What is the price of a flight for 2 people?2022-07-10T12:34:01+02:00

The price of a sightseeing flight by plane is fixed regardless of the number of passengers. The cost of the flight for one person, for two people and for three people is the same.

Is it possible to order a bouquet of flowers?2022-01-08T17:55:34+01:00

A commemorative bouquet of flowers can be ordered for our sightseeing flights by prior arrangement.

Is the date of the sightseeing flight subject to change?2022-01-08T17:55:00+01:00

For the safety and comfort of passengers, the date of the sightseeing flight is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Is it possible to film and take photos during the flight?2022-01-08T17:54:11+01:00

Filming and photography during a sightseeing flight is possible and even advisable. Thanks to photos and films, the memories of the flight will live on forever.

Can the sightseeing flight be extended?2022-01-08T17:53:24+01:00

It is possible to extend the sightseeing flight for an additional fee. The fee depends on the route and duration of the journey.

At what times do the sightseeing flights take place?2022-01-08T17:52:40+01:00

Scenic flights are organised daily from morning to sunset from March to October.

How should I dress for a sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:51:31+01:00

Our flight does not require any special clothing. You should dress comfortably in casual, non-restrictive clothing.

How long is a gift voucher valid?2022-01-08T17:50:41+01:00

The flight voucher is valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. The sightseeing flight takes place from March to October.

Can a flight voucher be sent by post?2022-01-08T17:50:01+01:00

The sightseeing flight voucher can be either an electronic version to print or a paper version sent by post. The voucher comes in a pretty envelope with an elegant gift card inside. The flight voucher is sent by ordinary mail at the sender’s expense.

Are there age restrictions for sightseeing flights?2022-01-08T17:48:51+01:00

Yes, children over the age of two accompanied by a parent or legal guardian can take part in our flight.

How many people can fly on one flight?2022-01-08T17:48:03+01:00

Our flights are sold for up to three passengers. Children are counted as adults.

Does the price of a sightseeing flight change if there are fewer passengers?2022-01-08T17:47:06+01:00

The price of a sightseeing flight is fixed and does not vary according to the number of passengers. The aircraft can take three passengers on board.

Will it be hot or cold during the sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:45:27+01:00

There is heating and air blowing in the aircraft. The sightseeing flight takes place in comfortable conditions.

Does the sightseeing flight voucher only have to be redeemed by the recipients?2022-01-08T17:44:34+01:00

The sightseeing flight voucher does not have to be redeemed by the recipient. Another person may fly in place of the recipient.

Do I have to show ID before the sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:43:27+01:00

There is no need to show your ID before the sightseeing flight. If you don’t have it with you, you have nothing to worry about :)

How far in advance do I need to arrive before the sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:42:07+01:00

Please arrive 15 minutes early before the sightseeing flight.

Can I pay cash for a sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:40:52+01:00

The sightseeing flight can be paid for in cash before the flight.

What forms of payment are available for a sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:39:46+01:00

When purchasing a voucher for a sightseeing flight, you can pay by online payment on our website. It is also possible to pay in cash before the flight. To do this, please contact us by phone, email or using the contact form.

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