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Sightseeing flights Zakopane

Trips in the mountains are great, but a sightseeing flight over the Tatras is a phenomenal experience. See for yourself!

sightseeing flights by plane over Cracow

Superb Adventure

Choosing a sightseeing flight over the Tatra Mountains, we start our trip at Pobiednik Wielki airport. From a bird’s eye view we can see the biggest tourist attractions of Cracow: Podgórski Market Square, Kazimierz, Church on the Rock, Wawel Castle, Old Town and many more.

Flying along Zakopianka we pass Dobczycki Reservoir, Myślenice and Rabka Zdrój. The Gorce National Park is to our left and the Babia Góra massif to our right. The Podhale region and the peaks of the picturesque Tatra Mountains lie ahead.

We fly over Zakopane from the direction of Gubałówka. Zakopane as the capital of the Tatra Mountains is a destination for lovers of mountain landscapes. We observe from above walking and greeting tourists. West Tatra Mountains are at hand. Below us, we see the Koscieliska Valley, the Krupówki Street always besieged by tourists, and the Wielka Krokiew complex. Flying along the Tatras, the pilot of our Cessna 172 plane shows us Giewont, Kasprowy Wierch and the massif of the High Tatras with Rysy (the highest peak in Poland 2499 m). Next, we fly over Poronin and Białka Tatrzańska, and on the right we admire Bukowina Tatrzańska. In the distance we see the capital of Podhale – Nowy Targ. We head towards the Pieniny Mountains. We fly over the Czorsztyn Lake, admiring the ruins of the castle in Nidzica and Czorsztyn. Above Krościenko we cross the meandering Dunajec River and head north to Stary and Nowy Sącz. Before us is Rożnowskie Lake and the airport in Łososina. On the way back we will see the beautiful castle in Nowy Wiśnicz, Bochnia with its salt mine, we will fly over the Niepołomice Primeval Forest. The journey ends at Pobiednik Wielki airport.

scenic flight over the Tatra Mountains

Satisfied customers

“RECOMMENDED! Wonderful PILOT!!! Flight with such a pilot is a pleasure! Amazing experience! To see Krakow, the Tatra Mountains from above!”

“Amazing flight, smile for 2 hours does not leave the face, very good service and unforgettable experience for everyone!”


999 PLNper person
Where will the take-off and landing for my sightseeing flight be?2023-07-24T20:46:53+02:00

The take-off and landing of all sightseeing flights take place at the airport in Pobiednik Wielki, which is located near Krakow. Our company organising sightseeing flights asks you to set your destination at our headquarters, which you can easily find using the link

We ensure full safety during the flights, which take place in accordance with strict aviation regulations. Before departure, pilots carefully check the weather conditions to ensure that the sky conditions are favourable for the flight.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or precipitation, flights may be cancelled or rescheduled. Our company makes every effort to provide customers with a new convenient flight date.

During a sightseeing flight, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view, see the sights and learn about the history of the area. Our company offers sightseeing flights for both individual clients and organised groups.

We recommend that clients arrive at the airport in advance to avoid delays and have time to prepare for the flight. Car parking is available on site and there are also toilets and a refreshment area for customers.

We hope that during the sightseeing flight our customers will have an unforgettable experience and see the beauty of Krakow’s surroundings from a bird’s eye view. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service office.

What is the price of a flight for 2 people?2023-07-24T20:59:46+02:00

We are always ready to answer any questions about our sightseeing flights by plane. Many people wonder about the cost of such a flight, especially if they plan to fly in a larger group. Therefore, we would like to clarify that the price of a flight for 2 people is the same as for one person or for three people.

Our company offers sightseeing flights by plane in various parts of Poland. The prices of our sightseeing flights are very competitive and attractive to customers. However, many people wonder what costs they will have to pay if they want to take a second or third person on board with them.

We would like to clarify that the price of a sightseeing flight by plane is determined by the costs we incur in organising the flight and not on the number of passengers. Therefore, it does not matter whether you fly with one, two or three people – the cost remains the same.

As part of our sightseeing flights by aeroplane, we offer many activities and opportunities to enjoy beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view. Every passenger is assured safety and comfort during the flight, and our pilots are experienced specialists with many years of experience in sightseeing flights by plane.

If you would like to book a sightseeing flight on a plane for two people, please contact our customer service in advance. This will enable us to tailor the offer to your needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

At our company, we are committed to transparency and price clarity. We want our customers to feel confident and comfortable when booking sightseeing flights by plane. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are always ready to help and answer all your questions about our services.

Is it possible to order a bouquet of flowers?2022-01-08T17:55:34+01:00

A commemorative bouquet of flowers can be ordered for our sightseeing flights by prior arrangement.

Is the date of the sightseeing flight subject to change?2022-01-08T17:55:00+01:00

For the safety and comfort of passengers, the date of the sightseeing flight is subject to change due to weather conditions.

Is it possible to film and take photos during the flight?2022-01-08T17:54:11+01:00

Filming and photography during a sightseeing flight is possible and even advisable. Thanks to photos and films, the memories of the flight will live on forever.

Can the sightseeing flight be extended?2022-01-08T17:53:24+01:00

It is possible to extend the sightseeing flight for an additional fee. The fee depends on the route and duration of the journey.

At what times do the sightseeing flights take place?2022-01-08T17:52:40+01:00

Scenic flights are organised daily from morning to sunset from March to October.

How should I dress for a sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:51:31+01:00

Our flight does not require any special clothing. You should dress comfortably in casual, non-restrictive clothing.

How long is a gift voucher valid?2022-01-08T17:50:41+01:00

The flight voucher is valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. The sightseeing flight takes place from March to October.

Can a flight voucher be sent by post?2022-01-08T17:50:01+01:00

The sightseeing flight voucher can be either an electronic version to print or a paper version sent by post. The voucher comes in a pretty envelope with an elegant gift card inside. The flight voucher is sent by ordinary mail at the sender’s expense.

Are there age restrictions for sightseeing flights?2022-01-08T17:48:51+01:00

Yes, children over the age of two accompanied by a parent or legal guardian can take part in our flight.

How many people can fly on one flight?2023-02-10T17:46:40+01:00

Our flights are sold for up to three passengers. Children are counted as adults. If any passenger weighs more than 100 kg, please let us know.

Does the price of a sightseeing flight change if there are fewer passengers?2022-01-08T17:47:06+01:00

The price of a sightseeing flight is fixed and does not vary according to the number of passengers. The aircraft can take three passengers on board.

Will it be hot or cold during the sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:45:27+01:00

There is heating and air blowing in the aircraft. The sightseeing flight takes place in comfortable conditions.

Does the sightseeing flight voucher only have to be redeemed by the recipients?2022-01-08T17:44:34+01:00

The sightseeing flight voucher does not have to be redeemed by the recipient. Another person may fly in place of the recipient.

Do I have to show ID before the sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:43:27+01:00

There is no need to show your ID before the sightseeing flight. If you don’t have it with you, you have nothing to worry about :)

How far in advance do I need to arrive before the sightseeing flight?2022-01-08T17:42:07+01:00

Please arrive 15 minutes early before the sightseeing flight.

Can I pay cash for a sightseeing flight?2023-07-24T21:01:10+02:00

You can pay in cash or use online payment on our website. Payment in cash is possible by prior arrangement by phone, email or contact form. Please remember to make your payment before your flight.

What forms of payment are available for a sightseeing flight?2023-07-24T21:02:20+02:00

When purchasing a voucher for a sightseeing flight, you can pay by online payment on our website. It is also possible to pay in cash before the flight. To do this, please contact us by phone, email or using the contact form.

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